ART Is Why I Get Up In The Morning…

…Why do you?

This inspired art venture is the brainchild of Susan Johnson Mumford – a 21st Century Art Entrepreneur. Incorporating: art consultancy services for private & corporate clients |  an artist agency | mentoring  for new art dealers & gallerists | inspiring upcoming visual arts professionals | and more.

Prolific networker * Johnson Mumford has developed an extensive database of art suppliers including dealers and artists, framing and presentation specialists, insurance valuators, restorers, researchers, and the list goes on… She is suitably in a position to care for art pieces already held in art collections as well as expand art collections. This also includes working on site-specific projects with artists, landscape architects and interior designers.

The artist agency encompasses working with championed creators who Mumford has met over the last nine years in the artworld. This includes the realisation of public art installations, staging commercial pop-up exhibitions, generally promoting artists and selling art to private collectors as well as public institutions.

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*Quoted by the FT Weekend, 28/29 August 2010.

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