blog on ‘Spaces in Transition’ exhibition blogger Trevor To visited the Spaces in Transition exhibition that took place in February 2013.  Photographer Chris King exhibited on the ground floor of this show that effectively showed beauty in decay, including the gallery in which the show took place.

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Recently Trevor had a chance to visit the Spaces in Transition exhibition as part of his wandering in Fritzrovia. He states, “It has been a while since we last checked out the art gallery neighbourhood in Fitzrovia (last time we were at Paradise Row for this) and despite the exceptionally cold and gloomy days last month, we found cool stuff in these galleries.”

Trevor visited our Spaces in Transition exhibition located at the Hamni Gallery which is found at 30 Maple St London, Greater London W1T 6HA. The exhibition was on view from the 13th – 23rd of February 2013 and curated by the very talented Maria Marro-Perera which featured artists Alfonso Batalla, Chris King, Fernando Perez Fraile and Paul Tucker.

Trevor was apparently fond of curator Maria’s choice to display the exhibition in a building that was too, a space in transition. He states, “The gallery’s interiors is stripped to prepare for a major refurbishment, so it is interesting to see the exposed structure and finishes in contrast to the spaces of the photography works by the artists.”

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