‘Spaces in Transition’ exhibition on Make My Blog

Keren Lerner from Make My Blog was able to visit the Spaces in Transition exhibition that took place in February 2013.  One of our very own artists, Chris King, displayed his appropriately themed “beauty in decay” photographs within the gallery that was, too, a space in transition.

She was able to visit the space privately on the last day of the exhibition. Her experience is quoted as “I was lucky enough to get a private tour of an exhibition on its very last day. It was at the Hanmi Gallery, in Maple Street, Fitzrovia, which is in itself a space in transition. The exhibition is curated Maria Marro-Perera and shows photography work by four different photographers, “exploring the idea of space, time and decay”. I particularly went because I know Maria, and also Susan Johnson Mumford (founder of the Association of Women Art Dealers and Be Smart About Art) and one of the 4 photographers, Chris King.”

Keren’s sense of humor and ability to use lighthearted documentation is represented when describing the show’s theme and the actual act of blogging. She quotes, “I decided to blog about it here to prove that everyone can be a “roving reporter” and also to show how a blog can be posted on the same day the thought occurs to you.”

She believed the exhibition deserved more attention, hence another reason to blog about it. She claims, “While this exhibition has gotten some press, I don’t think enough. The exhibition such an interesting concept…”

To read Keren’s full blog, please click here.

About Susan Mumford

Owner, Susan Mumford art projects + consultancy; Founder & MD, Be Smart About Art; Founder & CEO, Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD)
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