Ben Erland

Ben Erland (b. 1964)
Upon the discovery of Jay Hambidge’s book The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry (published in 1920) Ben started the foundation he still employs today. Based on a rectangle of whirling squares, the author’s theory is based on the golden ratio and presents a geometric way to generate an even ratio across a plane (the canvas, in Erland’s case) that mirrors organic growth. It is intended to present the natural growth of things in life. Ben’s application of the golden ratio enables compositions that are naturally soothing on the eye, and furthermore the paintings contain multiple layers of thin oil paint (normally 18-20 layers per canvas) that lend them mesmerizing depths.
A number of recent pieces present atmospheres and scenes of mythological figures, for example Eos, The Goddess of the Dawn, and Erebus, The God of Primordial Darkness. Other recent works include two oil on board painting that continue his Rien series (‘nothing’ in French), and Paul Cezanne | Marcel Duchamp I and II.
Ben lives and works in Somerset, England.
Camberwell College
Solo Exhibitions:
2007: Half Light, Mumford Fine Art;
1994: Pump House Gallery, London.
Group Shows include:
Annually: Somerset art week.
October 2010:  exhibition in Bath, England.
2008: Summer Show, Bath Fine Art.
2007: Sun & Splendour, Mumford Fine Art;
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
2006: Mumford Fine Art;
Malthouse Studios;
Summerleaze Art Gallery;
Shute Farm Studios;
Glastonbury Rural Life Museum.
Art Fairs include:
2007, 2008: Red Dot Fair, New York.
2008: FORM Art + Design Fair, Olympia, London.
1999, 2000, 2003: Anna-Mei Chadwick, Cork Street, London.
2004: Affordable Art Fair London.
Private Collections:
USA, UK and France