Emily Andersen

‘Turbine Hall’, Archival Inkjet photograph, Edn of 10, 69 x 69 cm (27.2 x 27.2 in), £1,950 each (incl. frame)

‘Turbine Hall’, Archival Inkjet photograph, Edn of 10, 69 x 69 cm (27.2 x 27.2 in), £1,950 each (incl. frame)

Emily Anderson (b.1956)

Emily Andersen has been a practicing photographer since the early 1980s, focusing in early years on portraiture and later also venturing into architectural and landscape photography. Andersen was awarded an M.A. from the Royal College of Art, and her first exhibition was at the well-regarded London-based ICA New Contemporaries (1982). The photographer was later represented by the Francis Graham-Dixon Gallery in London, which presented Andersen’s solo exhibition Black and White Photographs. She was recipient of the John Kobal Portrait Prize for

‘Michael, Martha & Molly Nyman’, from the ‘Fathers & Daughters’ series, Archival Inkjet photograph, Edn of 10, 50 x 50 cm (19.7 x 19.7 in)

‘Jane and Sir Alistair McAlpine’, from the ‘Fathers & Daughters’ series, Archival Inkjet photograph, Edn of 10, 50 x 50 cm (19.7 x 19.7 in)

Innovative Portraiture (1997), and her photographs are now held in the Permanent Collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

In recent years, frequent road trips to Germany have initiated a new body of work, from which the photographer has showcased an exhibition entitled Paradise Lost and Found, in Munich and London (Mumford Fine Art). She has captured images of allotments, disused pleasure parks and abandoned industrial buildings, successfully portraying through the camera lens hidden paradises in such otherwise forgettable locations. Andersen’s gentle view towards her subject appears almost matter-of-fact. Other architectural work of note is Andersen’s series Birds’ Eye View from Trellick Tower, taken from the rooftop of a modernist high rise apartment block in Notting Hill, West London, an established setting for photographs of artists, writers, film directors and fashion designers.

In September 2009 Anderson launched her book entitled Paradise Lost and Found published by Hotshoe Books. She presents a monthly article in Photographer Monthly titled, “Emily’s People”, showcasing her portrait work. Andersen regularly accepts portrait commissions and is continually advancing new bodies of work.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2009: Paradise Lost and Found, Trinkkurhalle, Timmendorfer Strand, Germany;
2007: Contextuality,Mumford Fine Art, London;
The Technical University, Berlin;
The Technical University, Munich.

Blue 5, Notting Hill Fine Art Gallery, London.

Black and White Photography, Francis Graham-Dixon Gallery, London.

Oval House, London.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2012: She-Bop-a-Lula, The Strand Gallery, London
2010: Paperworks, Mumford Fine Art, London;
Great British composers: from Elgar to Ades, National Portrait Gallery, London.
2009: Paperworks, Mumford Fine Art, London;
Affordable Art Fair, London.
2008 Red Dot Fair, NYC;
Works on paper, Art Fair, Royal Academy, London;
Art Now Fair, Miami;
Portrait for a Nation, Mumford Fine Art, London;
RA Summer Exhibition, London;
City Show, Mumford Fine Art, London.
2007 Bridge Art Fair, London.
2005: Medici Gallery, 5 Cork Street, London.
Millennium Award Show, Golbourne road at Wornington College, London.
Contemporary Musicians at the National Portrait Gallery.
Art 99 and 00, Islington, London. 
John Kobal Portrait Award Exhibition
, touring to Royal Photographic Society, London;
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh;
Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham;
Cartwright Hall, Bradford.
ArtFutures, Contemporary Art Society, RFH, London.
 John Kobal Portrait Award Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London;
Art 97, Islington, London.
Our Mothers, Espaces Communes, Biennale in Paris. 
Contemporary Art Society Market, Royal Hall Festival, London.
The Sexual Perspective, Jill George Gallery, London.
 Disrupted Borders, Arnolfini, Bristol.
 Gallery Artists, Portfolio Gallery, London.
Three Royal College Photographers, National Poetry Society, London.
Mixed Media Group Show, Basin Club, London.
New Contemporaries, ICA, London.

Portrait of Judith Weir, commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery.
 Variations on a Theme, 150 Years of Photographs of British Composers, National Portrait Gallery, London.
New Acquisitions, National Portrait Gallery, London.
Portrait of My Mother, Institut d’Ecosse, Edinburgh, touring to Institut Francais du Royaume-Uni, London.
Photographers Gallery, London touring the to the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa, Ontario. 
Ecstatic Antibodies, touring exhibition launched by the Impresions Gallery, York, subsequently at Icon Gallery Birmingham; Battersea Arts Centre, London; Street Level Gallery, Glasgow; Madison de la Culture, Montreal.
 Aspects of Architecture, Portfolio Gallery, London.
Atlas, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London.
Body Politic, Photographers Gallery, London and Impressions Gallery, York.
 Three Women Photographers, National Poetry Society, London.
 A Brilliance Book Show, Peoples’ Gallery, London.

Awards & Grants:
2009: Lottery funded through Arts Council of England Award for book publication ‘Paradise Lost and Found.’
2002/3: Millennium Award, Millennium Commission.
 Independent on Sunday Black & White Photographic Award – Runner up. 1997: John Kobal Portrait Award Winner – for innovative portraiture.
Arts Council Award for Great Britain for The Ladies Cabinet. 1990: Greater London Arts Council Award for the Ladies Cabinet.
Nigel Greenwood Gallery for Atlas;
GLAA Award for work in progress Women and Their Fathers.
 The Photographer’s Gallery for The Body Public.
Chestertons Prize;
3-M Colour Prize;
J Walter Thompson.

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Public Collections: 
National Portrait Gallery, London.