Kimo Minton

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Kimo Minton

Kimo Minton’s (b.1950) first solo sculpture show was in 1975, and he has exhibited consistently since that time. However, he didn’t start using the medium that is now his primary focus – that is, carving into flat panels and then painting – until 2006. These wall-mounted pieces, filled with ethnographic references and tantalising symbols, clearly convey the intellect, playfulness and sense of mystery that are characteristic of the artist. 

Kimo has studied extensively in Japanese art, Western art history and multi-cultural traditions (noting that he is Asian-Hawaiian American). Indeed, the visual language he has developed is distinctive, particularly notable for its ability to create dimension and coherence between disparate elements. Part of the visual unity he contrives is the discernible rhythm of his pieces, ostensibly guided by the jazz music that the artist loves and listens to in his studio.

Recently Christine [my partner] showed a three year old girl named Bay one of my abstract
woodcuts and asked, “Do you know what it is?”
Without hesitation Bay answered, “music”.

I think that will do for me. I try to work in a way that is similar to jazz improvisation. Just as some music does not have words to deliver its meaning, some pictures don’t have subjects or overt symbolism.

I have always been a carver. I have loved being involved with form and color.

I believe in individual style and invention, and I believe in the magic of the hand.

Many of my art heroes are British Modernists – Moore, Hepworth, Nicholson and Chadwick, to name a few. So I am very happy to show my work here.”
-Kimo Minton, London 2012

Kimo Minton has studios in London and southern New Mexico, and is represented in museums and major collections. He has two solo exhibitions in 2012, with Susan Mumford Art Projects/Consultancy in London in May-June and Gaugy Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July-August. These will be followed by an exhibition at Tew Galleries, Atlanta, in Spring 2013.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
October 2012: Kimo Minton, TEW Galleries.
October 2011: Kimo Minton, TEW Galleries
2010: Kimo Minton, 20th Anniversary Exhibition, TEW Galleries

2009: The Drawing Show (TEW Galleries), Kimo Minton, Isabelle Melchior, Louis Schneiderman & Carolyn Schlam;
Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2008: Kimo Minton, One-Man Exhibition, Sculpture and Panels, TEW Galleries
2007: Improvisations, Tew Galleries, Atlanta;
Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, NC.
2006: Tew Galleries, Atlanta.
2001: Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta;
Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte.
2000: Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle.
1999: Sculptures, Galerie Timothy Tew.
1998: Paintings, Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte;
Paintings, Galerie Timothy Tew.
1997: Sculptures, Galerie Timothy Tew.
1996: Francine Sedders Gallery, Seattle, WA;
Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, NC.
1995: Francine Sedders Gallery, Seattle.
1994: Wyndy Morehead Fine Art, New Orleans;
Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta;
Art Miami (International Art Fair), Miami – exhibited by Galerie Timothy Tew.

1993: Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte.
1992: Galerie Timothy Tew.
1990: Galerie Timothy Tew.
1989: H.L. Stine Fine Arts, Atlanta.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2012: Distilled Memory, Susan Mumford Art Projects/Consultancy, Pop-up Exhibition at the Framers Gallery, London;
2009: Scratching the Surface, curator Marianne Lambert. Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
2008: Twenty Fifth Anniversary Exhibition, Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, N.C.
2007: The Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii. “Pico” An Invitational Exhibition of Indigenous Artists from the Pacific Rim”.
2006: Kimo Minton, Portraits, with Yasharel Manzy, Miranda Lake at TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA.
2004: Isabelle Melchior, Kimo Minton, Chuck Bowdish, Galerie Timothy Tew.
Kimo Minton, Stewart Helm, Chris Bilton, Galerie Timothy Tew.
2002: Heads, Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta.
2001: Currents, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Art Show;
Guardians of the Spirit, Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte.
1999: Ordinary People, Work by Pat De Caro, Jacob Lawrence, Spike Mafford, Kimo Minton”, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle, Washington.
1998:  Art Miami, Miami Florida – Jerald Melberg Gallery.
1997: Wood, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle.
1995: Angela Verdon, Kimo Minton, Charles Keiger, Galerie Timothy Tew.
1994: International – Haidee Becker, Stephanus Heidacker, Isabelle Melchior, Kimo Minton, Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, Georgia.
1993: Isabelle Melchior and Kimo Minton, Galerie Timothy Tew.
1992: Three-Person Show, Cafe Gallery, Albuquerque;
David Levine and Haidee Becker, Galerie Timothy Tew.
1991: Sacred – Lucy Currie, Stewart Helm and Kimo Minton, Galerie Timothy Tew;
Spotlight on Georgia Artists, Hotel Nikko, Atlanta.
1990: Situation x Style, Ten artists working in wood, Chastain Gallery, Atlanta;
The Earth Affair, Atlanta Botanical Gardens;
The Black Image, Galerie Timothy Tew;
Spotlight on Georgia Artists, Colony Square, Atlanta.
1989: The Jewish Home Show, The Jewish Center, Atlanta.
1988: The MAC Gallery, Atlanta;
The Mattress Factory Show, Atlanta.
1987: The Mattress Factory Show.
1986: The Mattress Factory Show.
1985: The Mattress Factory Show.
1984: Expressions in Wood, Omni Hotel, Atlanta.
1981: RJK Gallery, Atlanta.

Publications and Press:
2008: Fox, Cathy, Injury Inspires Modern Carvings. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Snapshot/Visual Arts, Sunday, December 14 2008 / K1.
2007: Fox, Cathy, A Fresh take on ‘canvas,’ one that’s chiseled and gouged. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Object Lessons, Sunday, May 27 2007 / K3.
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Corporate Collections:
Embassy Row, Bailey and Associates, Atlanta, Georgia; Commission of eight, 17 feet x 3 feet columns; Embassy Suites, Syracuse, New York; First Union Bank, Charlotte; Moore and Van Allen, Charlotte; Intercontinental Hotel, Toronto, Canada; Swisshotel, Atlanta; Waikapu South Country Club, Maui, Hawaii; Womble Carlisle Sandridge & Rice, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.

Museum Collections:
Art Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA;
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.

Private Collections – Atlanta:
Joanne & Charlie Ackerman*; Elizabeth & Howell Adams *; Moore & Van Allen, Charlotte, NC; Jennifer & Jeff Allred; David Alfrey & Michael Lacy; Anthony Ardavin, Miami, FL; Jeff & Meg Arnold; Dr. Colleen & Howard Austin, Atlanta, GA; Jim Beatty & Trey Inman; Dr.Meredith Bell & Leslee Shaw; Kim & Brent Armstrong; Alice & Byrd Ball; Bill Bailey & John Charles Gordon; Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Barnett; Kaki & Dr. Mike Behr; Julie & Philip Bekker *; Lewis Bialick; Nettie & James Bishop; Dr. & Mrs. Donald Block; Patti & Mark Blumenthal; Kathleen Bollman *; Don & Janice Boldt *; Dan & Lisa Brooks*; Lori & Gordon Buchmiller; Charles H. 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Dailey; Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dale, Dallas, TX; Dorrance Davis, Atlanta, GA *; Jim DeAntonio *; Susanne & Dr. Richard Detlefs; Susan & Adair Dickerson; Susan DeRose & Richard Lewis *; Nancy & Dick Dolson; Gail Dorsey, KY; Penni Dudley; Patricia Durkan, NY *; Jeri Durrett; Diane Fitzgerald, Atlanta, GA; Alan Frazier & Joe McGinnis, Atlanta, GA; Shereen & Jeffrey Fuqua; Karen Gaston; Jim and Lisa Hills, Atlanta, GA; Dorothy Hodges, Charlotte, NC; Wanda & Lindsey Hopkins III *; Paul & Veronica Huggins, Atlanta, GA; Charles Hughes, New York; Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Eichel *; Julia Emmons; Jim Essary; Caroline & Mike Fierman; Mike Fitzgerald; Dr. & Mrs. Maury Fradkin; Lil Friedlander; Duvall & Rex Fuqua; Robert Furtick; Courtney Giles *; Elliot Goldstein *; Sarah & Scott Goodman; Diane & Bob Gundeck *; Dr. Larry Goldstone *; Dr. Henry Haley, New Orleans, LA; Tiffany Hayes & Stephen Hay *; Mrs. Robert Haynie, Evansville, IN; Jim & Lisa Hills; Ellen & Jack Holland; Jerry & Pearl Ann Horowitz *; Dr. Brian & Teresa Howard *; Gerry & Patty Hull; Dick & Betsy Halpern; Dr. Daniel Jual & Anna Hamer, Atlanta, GA;Don & Betsy Hampton; Ellen Handelsman; Michael & Dana Hasson, Mableton, GA; Kathleen & Charles Heidsieck*; Pearlann & Jerry Horowitz *; Dr. John Imhoff, Sea Island, GA; Andy Isakson *; Joia Johnson, Winston Salem, NC *; Jill Jacobs & Donna Lewis *; Chris & Mark Kaufman, Atlanta, GA; Joel Koblentz, Atlanta, GA; Caroline Lowndes; Dr. & Mrs. Warren Jacobs; Boboo Jetmundsen; Sir Elton John *; Joia Johnson, Winston Salem, NC *; Cookie & Harrison Jones; Andrea & Gordon Jones *; L. 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* Denotes two or more works by the artist in a collection

Kimo is also represented by Timothy Tew Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Gaugy Gallery in Santa fe, New Mexico.