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The following guideline provides an overview of The Be Smart About Art Academy’s “Course I for Artists: The Fundamentals“. We ran the course for the first time in Spring 2012 with great success, and are currently planning several sessions for the Autumn Term. This introductory course offers 24 hours of training over three days, offered during the week as well as over a long weekend. We endeavour to provide professional artists the essentials for running an effective artist business based on best practices from art industry and niche  specialists.

Welcome to the Be Smart About Art Academy!
Module I (1.5 hrs): Unlocking the mysteries of the art worldPresenters: Isobel Beauchamp and Elinor Olisa  from & Susan Mumford
On the different roles, relationships and structures in the art world, how to start a career as an artist and the evolution of the art world in recent years.
Module II (1.5 hrs):
How do you define your artistic practice to the world?Presenter: Susan Mumford
How to explain your art to others through your website, social media accounts, and in person.
Module III (1 hr): Pricing your art - Presenter: Susan Mumford
How to value your art (pricing guideline incorporating costs), commission percentages (with a dealer), factoring in framing cost, who establishes prices, market value, best practices and edition / medium considerations (bronze sculpture).
Module IV (1 hr 45 mins): Marketing, Part I – Products, Audience and Marketing Plan - Presenter: Susan Mumford
Definitions (marketing vs PR etc), an exercise on defining products, audience and marketing options, listings (online and offline), advertising (online and offline), press (with and without art dealer collaboration) and corporate sponsorship (drinks, invitations).
Module V (1.5 hrs): Time to get Legal – The BasicsPresenter: Nicholas Sharp
Contracts, consignment notes, copyright, and Atists’ Resale Right (ARR).
Module VI (1 hr 45 mins): Your Back Office – Getting to grips with IT / Online technology  – Presenter:  Hydar Dewachi
Domain name & hosting, software for streamlining administration (stock list, book-keeping, invoicing and client relationship management CRM), email newsletter campaigns, syncing devices, backing-up data and security (passwords).
Module VII (45 mins): Photography, Documentation, File Types & Storing - Presenters: Hydar Dewachi & Susan Mumford
Photographing your art, documenting  exhibitions and uses thereof.
Module VIII ( 45 mins): Logistics - Packing, Shipping & Storing - Presenter: Susan Mumford

Domestic and international deliveries, documentation, filing records, VAT implications, pricing art for shipping, insurance whilst in transit .
Module IX (45 mins): Insure and be reassured - Presenter: Christopher Digby
A review of types of insurance (stock, studio, on consignment, at framer, in transit, juried exhibitions, public liability) and options for artists.
Module X (1 hr 45 mins): Financial essentials Presenter: TBC
Business entity (sole trader vs limited company), bank account, VAT, book-keeping, optimising profit – a mentality, claiming expenses and understanding the accounts.
Module XI (1 hr 45 mins): Marketing, Part II – Online savvy with your Website, E-newsletters, Blog and an overview of Social Media - Presenter:
Keren Lerner
Overview of online strategy, website (‘brochure’ site vs ‘selling site), listing prices, call to action (‘enquire about this piece’ incorporating artists who are represented and not), blog, website stats, SEO, best practices for email campaigns and an overview of social media (including takeaway with top tips).
Module XII (45 mins): How to Network for success - Presenter: Susan Mumford
Networking, Etiquette & Referrals
Module XIII (1 hr 45 mins): Selling Art, from lead to repeat clientPresenter: Susan Mumford
Selling Art, options, approaches & methods
Module XIV (1 hr): Reviewing and improving your Artist Biography - Presenter: Susan Mumford
Incorporating your Professional Artist CV, Bio and Statement
Module XV (1 hr 45 mins): Marketing, Part III – Social media- Presenter: TBC
Social media client options (Hootsuite, TweetDeck and others), strategy (focus and succeed), philosophy (sharing and giving, not selling), LinkedIn overview, Facebook pointers (personal vs artist page, profile completion tips and advertising campaings), Twitter identity, frequency, lists, scheduled tweets.

Informal  presentations by students: Goals & Next steps - with Susan Mumford & Visiting Artist

To finish: A summary of 10 things you can do straightaway to advance your career.

Course closure, review and keeping in the know and staying connected with the Be Smart About Art Academy Alumni Programme.

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Please note that the above is intended as a general guideline and is subject to change.

Photographs above by Chris King and MK Semos. © the artists 2012.

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