Our Partners / Speakers

We are delighted to work with experts who bring niche industry knowledge to our programme. These speakers impart expertise in workshops, courses, webinars, mastermind groups, articles, one to one advisory and more, all through the Be Smart About Art Academy. Read more about our Partners by clicking on the links below.

Christopher Digby – Insurance for artists, art dealers & collectors

   Hydar DewachiOnline Technology for Creatives

   Isobel Beauchamp – Gallerist (degreeart.com)

   Keith Graham – Finance and Accounting

    Keren Lerner – Graphic & web design and social media

   Marcus McAllister – Professional artist

   Matt Roberts – Curator, lecturer and visual arts correspondent

   Michelle Cook – Cash Flow expert (Interim FD)

   Nicholas Sharp – Legal expertise (Solicitor with creative sector specialism)

   Sylvie Gormezano – Curator

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