Esther Bielawski

Esther Bielawski, Personal Stylist & Communications Professional
Years in Industry: 2 years in personal styling / image consulting and 17 years in communications

Esther Bielawski is a Personal Stylist & Communications Professional with two years in the personal styling and image consulting industry and seventeen years in communications (public relations, marketing, and internal communications). She trained with Frances Bodington Associates and is a fully accredited personal stylist and image consultant. She also holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Tasmania and a Diploma of Applied Psychology from Birkbeck University. She is currently studying for a BA (Hons) in Psychology with Open University. Esther offers services to both groups and individuals including colour consultations, personal style analysis, wardrobe detox, and bespoke services, depending on the needs of the client.

“Esther, thank you for a fantastic styling session today. I have to admit I only signed up because a friend recommended you and then I spent the entire lead-up worried that you were going to be one of these fashion-types that most women simply cannot relate to. You were anything but! Instead I am delighted to have met you and to not only to have learnt a number of tricks to help me dress better, but in a way that’s in tune with my life. I was also impressed with how open and friendly you are, but you’re also very switched on with a practical approach. I think this is what a lot us need in a world full of fashion, so I love your business idea – I wish you good luck!”
-Katharine Harper, Management Accountant

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