Pia Sharma

Pia Sharma, Coach & Consultant in Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
Company Name: PSharma Consultancy
Years in Industry: 11

Pia is the founder and director of PSharma Consulting. She provides coaching, consulting work, and training to companies, organizations, and individuals in how to be culturally intelligent in a multi-cultural and globalised business world. Pia holds a BA in Comparative Linguistics and an MA in Linguistic Psychology from Copenhagen University. She has additional training in inter-cultural negotiation and conflict resolution from Columbia University and an advanced certificate in Life and Business coaching from Charles Bentley of London.

“Pia, You are 25 years ahead of your time”.
-Pia Deleuran, Attorney at Law and Mediator, Copenhagen, Denmark.

You can read more about Pia on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter. Also view the PSharma Consultancy website.